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205th Anniversary

2018 was an exciting year for our church. We celebrated 205 years of praise, ministry and worship!




Chair of the Church Council - LaChone Holley

Church Council Recording Secretary - Mikele Delmore

Lay Members to the Annual Conference - Ernest Clark & Celestine Clark

Lay Leaders - Ernest Clark & Celestine Clark

Chair of Trustees - Ernest Clark

Treasurer - Bernadette Baskerville

Chair of Staff-Parish Relations Committee - E. Betty Ransom

Chair of Finance - Asenath Brown

Finance Secretary - Sherriell Stanley

United Methodist Women President - Mikele Delmore

United Methodist Men President - Charles Jackson

Coordinators of Safe Sanctuary - LaChone Holley, Elizabeth Ransom

Coordinator of Children and Youth Ministries - Natiya Bennett

Coordinator of Senior Ministries (Wesleyites) - Angie McCullum

Coordinators of Young Adult Ministries - Shada Brown, Nia Govan

Nominations & Lay Leadership Development

Class of 2020 - Shannon Mack, Shawnta Brown Kenneth Moore

Class of 2021- Sierra Boddie, Mikele Delmore, Melinda Mack

Class of 2022 - Edward Alston. George Lewis, Jr, Aaron Fitzgerald

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Class of 2020 - Stanley Boddie II, Elizabeth Ransom, Ernest Clark

Class of 2021- Shannon Mack, Barbara Jones, Charles Jackson

Class of 2022 - C. Michael Chriscoe, Michelle Hasty, Joshua Holley


Class of 2020 - Geneva Chase, Randolph Thomas, Kenneth Moore

Class of 2021- Stanley Boddie Sr, Georgette Talley, John Talley

Class of 2022 - Kirk Baskerville Sr, Ernest Clark Jr, Tyrome Myster 

Jr. Trustees-At-Large - Jaden Bishop

Finance Committee

Asenath Brown(Chair)

Landrus Stokes, Mikele Delmore, Denise Fitzgerald, LaChone Holley,

Elizabeth Ransom, Bernadette Baskerville

COUNTERS: Rosalind Salmond, Landrus Stokes, Beatrice Thomas-Ward 

Certified Lay Servants

Ernest Clark Jr.

Bryan Holley, Elizabeth Ransom, 

Radical Hospitality

Denise Fitzgerald & Donna Chriscoe Artis, Co-Coordinators

Armorbearers: Georgette & John Talley

Bereavement: Ella M. Lawson & Denise Taylor

Evangelism Evangelist: Ella M. Lawson

Greeters: Denise Taylor

Health & Wellness: Sheila Grier

Membership Secretary: Min. Sheryl Morsell

Stephen Ministry: Denise Taylor

Welcome Committee: Beatrice Thomas-Ward

HIV/Aids Ministry: Herbert Jackson

Celebrate Recovery: Mark Keene, Daphne Hurd


Passionate Worship

Celestine Clark, Coordinator

Acolytes: Rosalind Salmond

Altar Guild: 

Music Ministry: Randy Sellars

Communion Stewards: Steward Felicia Weeks

Flower Ministry: Beatrice Thomas-Ward

Liturgical Dance: Amy Owoeye & Georgette Talley

Mime Ministry: Ernest Clark & Georgette Talley

Youth Ushers: Sierra Boddie

United Ushers: Benjamin Smith, Thurston Butler, Lucille Smith, 

Rosalind Salmond, Kenneth Moore, Gloria kelly

Intentional Faith Development

Min. Sheryl Morsell & Melinda Mack, Co-Coordinators

Church School Superintendent: Natiya Bennett

Discipleship/Baptism/Confirmation Classes: Min. Sheryl Morsell

Bible Study: Rev. Joan E. Carter-Rimbach

Shepherd's Ministry: Tyrome Myster and Sandra Thomas

Children: Natiya Bennett

Youth: Natiya Bennett

Young Adults: Shada Brown, Nia Govan

Joshua Generation: Kenneth Moore

Wesleyites: Angie McCullum 

Prayer Ministry: Rev. Louise Holley

Steward Board: Tyrome Myster

United Methodist Women: Mikele Delmore

United Methodist Men: Charles Jackson Jr.


Risk-Taking Mission and Service

Daphne Hurd, Sheila Grier & Myra Stokes, Co-Coordinators

Power in the Hood: Denise Taylor, Sheila Grier

Angel Tree: Denise Fitzgerald

Church and Society: Mikele Delmore

Food Pantry: Sheila Grier

Girl Scouts: Carolyn HowardLocal Missions: Myra Stokes

Outreach Ministry: Sheila Grier

Sharing and Caring: Doris Duncan

Soup Kitchen: Camilla Williams, Randy Sellars

Volunteers in Mission (VIM): Ernest Clark, Jr.

Walbrook Vicinity Churches Assistance Ministry (WVCAM): Sheila Grier


Extravagant Generosity

Bernadette Baskerville & Asenath Brown, Co-Coordinators


Stewardship: Sandra Thomas

Scholarship: Carol White, Theresa Lewis, Brenda McKinley, Lorraine Clark-Terry

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